The power of memory…

DSC009671-1024x768For a New England girl, it seems we really don’t have a Winter here in Southern California. The News is predicting a huge blizzard for New England and part of me is longing for that late night walk on a country lane that my brother and his family will take around 11pm. The wind will be howling, but beneath the street lamps, the world will be transformed into a magical     “Narnia” – like a wonderland. Tall pines, heavy laden with comforters of snow, piled branch upon branch will watch over streets blanketed with snow drifts. Our laughter bubbles from steaming breath, peals and shrieks provoked by snowballs hitting their mark; or entire branches of snow sprung upon the innocent by the energetic mischief of youth, all sound muffled by scarves, hoods, and wind. Virgin stretches of glistening white road, imagine anything is possible. For a moment time stands still, literally frozen, a beautiful, crystalline memory.


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